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The Curious Ego

from Compose Yourself (LP) by Jamie B Sings



Well I said it before but I don't know how I feel
'Cause it's there to bear but its essence stays concealed
Wielding power over my emotions over you
And I can't go round it, so I must go through

And the clichés ring true and the pain it brings you
Is all too real
Yeah the clichés ring true and the pain it brings you
Feels like it'll never heal

Well I know you put your time and energy
In forging this path to walk with me
But you know another road is branching out
Without a doubt, it's just one that we can't see

But misplaced lies can jeopardize a beautiful future
And we're both deserving
But we're speeding along an open road
And the endless swerving proves unnverving

Is this a case of fear and love just like before?
Or the curious ego Hellbent on the scent
Emerging from beneath the other door
Who's always scared to lose what it has
But always wants one more
One more

But love is not synonymous with me and you
And love is trust, and if we must
Then we'll find the strength
And that's what we'll do

Internalising isn't wise, you taught me that
Amongst other things
And I hope our time isn't yet through
But I don't know what the future brings

I care for you, I love your smile
And your whispers in my ear
And from each storm, a new day's dawned
And I'm still here, still standing near
Maybe it's just fear and love and fear and love and love and fear...
And I'm trying to learn which is which
And I'm trying to listen, and not just hear

But I fear I fear more than I love
And I'd love to love more than I fear...


from Compose Yourself (LP), released November 24, 2018


all rights reserved



Jamie B Sings UK

🍏 Nutritious homegrown singer-songwriting, est. 2004.

My third album, Patchwork Rebellions, is out now!

I also produce melodic electronic shizznizz at sanghasounds.bandcamp.com

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